Ever since the first iPhone was released in 2007 and the following phones from Samsung, Sony and more recently Google, the Smart Phone has been a device that has transformed our lives. From texting and calling, we’ve moved quickly into playing games and web browsing in a different way to how we browsed at a desktop. Today we can do all these things, as well as watch TV or movies, bank online and manage our social media activity. We thought it would useful to show ten things in the home you can control with your Smart Phone.

1. Television.

All in one remotes will come with a Smart Phone app, which will have the same functionality as the controller itself. Whilst this is probably redundant when you are at home, you can switch the TV on and change channel when you are away from the home. This may be of some use if you have guests staying or child minders.

2. Speakers.

Play music directly from your phone and control the volume. If you listen to your music via Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music, you can browse your collections on your phone and decide where to listen to it. You may also want to adjust the volume of the music at a social gathering without physically having to get up and down and adjust the amplifier. A discrete adjustment on your Smart Phone is much easier.

3. Lights.

Turn them up, down or off from within the home or once you’re away, check if you left any of the lights on by accident. Similar to the point made about volume control, lighting control within the home offers more discreet adjusting without having to leave a conversation. We are also regularly asked by our customers if they can control their lights when they are away from home whether they are on holiday or if there weren’t sure if they switched the kitchen lights off. Through the app on their Smart Phones, these are easy things to check.

Nest Thermostat on wall Smart Phone Control


4. Thermostat.

Sometimes the weather forecast can catch you out, especially during winter when it can be much colder than what was forecast. Through an app on your Smart Phone you can raise the temperature at home or boost the schedule in advance of coming home, so that when you arrive the home feels nice and warm.

5. Alarm system.

Similar to not remembering if the all the lights were switched off before leaving the home, it is fairly common for the security system to be left unarmed by someone leaving the home in a hurry. A solution to this scenario is being able to arm the system through an app on your Smart Phone once you are away from the property. Equally, you may want to disarm the alarm to let a dog sitter enter your property without giving them the code to your system.

6. Home Wifi.

The Wifi solution that we offer at Luxe Smart Homes allows for notifications to be sent whenever a new device/client joins your home network. If you were not expecting this, then you are able to block their access and prohibit them from doing anything on your network. This is of particular importance when living in a densely populated building where people could try and join your network.

7. Oven.

Nearly all of the main kitchen appliance manufacturers have moved into internet enabled devices in the last couple of years and one of the benefits of this is being able to control and monitor your appliance from your Smart Phone. A common scenario would be to request the oven to be preheated whilst you are travelling back from work so that when you arrive, you can instantly bake your food.

Smart Phone iphone 7 lighting port


8. Doorbells.

Ring, Nest and Amazon all offer excellent video door entry systems which utilize the Smart Phone for answering your front door. When someone approaches your property you will receive an alert on your phone and then you can view who is actually at the front door and speak with them, if required.

9. Blinds & curtains.

Similar to the control you can have with your lights, opening and closing of your curtains and blinds are now possible through an app on your Smart Phone. Leaving your curtains closed during the day is a tell tale sign to a burglar that perhaps the home is unoccupied and the curtains haven’t been opened since they were closed in the evening the night before. This is easily resolved through opening them through your Smart Phone.

10 Switch anything on or off.

Wifi Plug adapters have enabled any electrical device to be switched on or off via an app on your Smart Phone. This again allows for greater security or peace of mind when you are away from home by being able to give the impression to the outside world that you are inside your home.

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