WFH. In the world of Whatsapp or instant messaging, this acronym is more commonly referred to as “working from home.” This practice has become increasingly more popular over the last ten years and has given workers greater flexibility in managing their daily lives whilst also attending to business. However, what makes the perfect working environment at home? In this blog post we take a look at what we consider to be the most important factors in being able to get business done, at home:



Stable WiFi

This is the most basic requirement and most important. If you can’t connect online then it is almost impossible to communicate effectively with your work colleagues who are located at the office. If your place in the home where you work has poor wireless connectivity, then this can be a real problem. Emails can’t be sent and received, documents can’t be printed off on your wireless printer, files can’t be uploaded into the cloud and voice/video conferencing pixelates or breaks up before the other person at the other end of the line gives up on you and hangs up.

All of this is can be very frustrating but have you considered what others within your organization think about you when you say, “you’re working from home.” If you can’t complete the work you need to, it’s highly likely that your colleagues might insist that you come into the office each day.

Calling a home technology professional to come in and rid your property of all Wi-Fi black spots can solve this problem. Once your online connectivity is stable you are able to work effectively from home and your work colleagues based elsewhere might not even notice that you’re not in the office.



Internet Security

It is quite common for when people have offices at home; they use the standard home network configuration that their Internet service providers give them via the router they supplied. How secure is that router? Using your laptop or personal computer for business-related activities, which for the rest of your time are used for leisure pursuits, could create a situation that might allow hackers to compromise the security of your business contacts or correspondence.

We can install an enterprise security gateway router that operates a Deep Pack Inspection for all incoming web traffic. This essentially means that the smallest unit of web traffic is screened before being allowed on to your home network. Most low-grade routers don’t inspect to this level.

It’s also important to recommend that anti-virus software should always be installed on PCs and run at regular intervals to ensure your computer is safe and secure.



Energised Lighting

When it comes to the end of the day and it’s time to unwind and relax, most of us prefer to have a “warm” white lighting temperature from our light fittings. So how about if in the morning you need to concentrate and focus on the task in hand in your home office? Warm white may subtly make you more comfortable and relaxed. Studies have shown that we are more productive and more alert and therefore more focused when working under a “cool” white lighting scenario. What if there was a bulb that could change from being a cool white in the morning to a warm white in the late afternoon evening?



Philips Hue ambiance bulbs facilitate this. The bulbs connect to your existing light fittings and can be controlled via a smartphone app, your voice through Alexa or Google voice assistant or remote control. These bulbs also offer 50,000 shades of white allowing you to set a more concentrating temperature in the morning and a warm white temperature as the day unwinds. Speak with us about how we can give you maximum control over the temperature of your lighting at home.

Background Music

Even when working from home, sometimes we miss the social side of being in an office and all the background noise that whilst sometimes can be distracting but in other ways can be quite comforting. So when you’re working at your home office and there is silence for hours on end, it can make you feel like you’re in a place of solitude?

So why not fill that empty space with some background music? When working from home you get to decide which radio station to listen to. You may choose to have a spoken word channel or something non-obtrusive and non-invasive that allows you to really focus.

You can listen to Spotify through a Sonos Play 5 speaker in your home office and fill those empty spaces of silence and become more productive at the same time. We are approved Sonos dealers and can guide you through the Sonos product range in order to find the best solution for you.




Lastly, nothing fires you up in the morning ready for a day’s work than a cup of coffee. Whilst we don’t have any technological suggestions as to how you can integrate this into your home, we are a firm believer in starting the day with a strong hit of caffeine.

At Luxe Smart Homes, we offer solutions for all of the above that can improve your home office so that you can work more effectively on your business. Contact us for more information here.

We might even bring you a coffee!!!