Working from Home During Corona Virus Outbreak.

As the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak enters a new phase for residents of the United Kingdom and beyond, it’s apparent that we have all made drastic changes to our normal daily routines. Most of us have learned to work from home whilst still getting some daily exercise and homeschooling our children. We’ve learned to try video conferencing as a way of keeping face to face conversations flowing and we’ve spent more time at home looking at what we can improve than we’ve ever had time to in the past.

Working from home, however, may be easier said than done. Especially from a technological standpoint. Homeowners may have been putting up with slow internet speeds or patchy WiFi coverage during times of leisure, but it might be a more significant issue, if you are expected to work from home but can’t? This is when it’s imperative to have a robust and reliable home network which delivers flawless internet speeds to all parts of the home.

In our latest news post, we look at solutions to enable effective working from home while we all manage the Corona Virus outbreak:

Fast Home Networks

If you’ve been asked to work from home, or self-isolate as a precaution of the Corona Virus, is your Home Network fast enough to host video conferencing in one room while other family members might be streaming videos on iPads or televisions in another room? Are you receiving a fast-enough speed from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to enable all of these activities to happen at the same time?


At Luxe Smart Homes, all of our Home Networks we install and maintain use enterprise-grade level networking equipment. As a result the network traffic (emails, music and video streams, web browsing, video conferencing) is managed more efficiently than that of a router supplied by your ISP. We will break down the ‘all in one’ box they provide, into individual devices that do their own job more effectively. For example, we will install a separate security gateway router and a managed POE network switch, both of which can deliver faster ‘throughput’ speeds compared to your ISP device.

Fast Home Networks

We are also able to supply homeowners with the fastest and most consistent broadband speeds, through our business-grade broadband distribution partners. Most residential broadband suppliers will host as many properties as they can in the green cabinets we see at the end of our roads. The impact of this is all of these properties are sharing the same incoming service on the wider network grid. Our providers limit the number of properties they deliver to, which translates into consistent and fast broadband speeds.


Whole-Home Reliable WiFi 

A common problem that most people experience with their home networks is not having sufficient and consistent WiFi coverage across the property. If you have to work from home or even self-isolate, from the rest of your family within your home, then does the whole of your property have good WiFi coverage?

We have been a strong advocate of distributing wireless access points across the property as a means of ensuring every room receives full bars of WiFi coverage. By going down this route, we are replicating the same speed and signal strength in each of the access points, to the device that initially receives the internet signal from your ISP. This means every room can experience full bars of WiFi coverage and reliable internet connectivity.

When installing Ethernet data cabling to every room isn’t an option, we are still able to design and install a mesh network system that can deliver similar results to our preferred ‘wired’ solution. This may only involve installing one or two ethernet cables with the remaining access points only require mains power.

We have installed hundreds of these devices and know exactly which brands are the most reliable and deliver the most consistent speeds.


Image courtesy of I-Echo Landscape Designs

Converting parts of the home into Workable Spaces

In order to work from home effectively, you may decide to convert a room in your home into a space where you can work without distraction. If in the coming weeks, Governments decide to close schools, it might become increasingly difficult to host a video conference call without interruption? Spaces that could be converted into a workable space might be a garden room or summer house.

Once we have supplied this space with an electrical supply and data cabling, then all that is required would be a desk and your laptop or PC. We coordinate the installation of this with minimum disruption to the rest of the home. Once complete, you will be able to work effectively and without interruption since the rest of the family would be in the main building of the property.

Working From Home During The Corona Virus Outbreak

We are experts in designing, installing and maintaining effective home networks which may become more critical as the Corona Virus outbreak continues to unfold and effective our daily lives. If you would like to speak with us about how we can ensure you have a fast-flowing home network, then please drop us a line.