A new build property set on the Thames Ditton/Esher borders. The client was referred to us from one of our previous clients and required our services of wall mounting a television and Wi-Fi distribution. The builder-developer had already installed category cable into the property, which allowed us to ensure Wi-Fi coverage across the property would be excellent.

Client Requirements

  • Wall Mounted ‘No Wires’ Television Installation

    In the open plan living area; the client wanted a new OLED television to be wall-mounted without any visible cables on show. This would be the main area where the family would enjoy television during the day and its’ location would be one of the first features in the room that draws the eyes upon entrance. It was important that this installation looked as impressive as the rest of the living space.

  • Fast Internet Connections Across the Property

    The client had previously had Wi-Fi issues in their previous property and therefore wanted to have the best Internet experiences possible living in their new home. The property benefited from being wired for Virgin Media which meant download speeds of 350Mbps or greater.



The Sky Q satellite cables also ran to a centralised location within the property and therefore required us to distribute the signal to the local television location. This was achieved by installing a HDAnywhere HDMI extender that passed the signal over the category cable already installed.

The Wi-Fi installation went very smoothly and we used the existing cable in the walls from the initial construction. We were able to locate the wireless access points in all the locations we suggested in our initial survey and all were hidden from sight. This enabled the family to enjoy strong, secure and reliable Internet connections across the property without ever seeing the technology.


The installation took only a couple of days extra due to the issues we experienced with the wall construction but the client was extremely happy with the results. We installed a Sony OLED television and Sky Q system meaning the family can watch lots of 4K Ultra High Definition content in their open plan living space. We also installed a SONOS Playbar, which allowed for an even more immersive viewing experience. The formal living room also had a TV mounted on top of bespoke cabinetry unit with all the cabling hidden.

The family has excellent Internet coverage across the property.

Client Testimonial

Great personalised service, very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks to Luxe Smart Homes we now have wifi across our entire property and our 65” TV looks great! Would recommend!