A family home in Cobham, Surrey, required additional audio visual equipment to be installed following the purchase of the property. The previous owners had renovated the property within eight years of selling so there was already data network cabling in certain places across the property. A large piece of bespoke cabinetry had been fitted to create a Media Wall.

Client Requirements

  • Home Audio System

    The previous owner had installed ceiling speakers in the open plan and kitchen areas of the property but had removed the amplifiers to power the speakers. We installed a brand new Sonos Amplifier and wired all four speakers back to the same amplifier to create one audio zone. Upon installation, the client could select content from Apple Music directly from their smartphones and listen to music whilst entertaining in this room.

  • Wall Hung ‘No Wires’ Television Installation

    In the media wall opening, we installed a Sony OLED 4K 55 inch television using a super slim bracket to ensure that the screen was flush with the media wall cabinetry. We also installed a Sonos Playbar for additional immersive audio whilst watching the television. BT Vision set top box was located in the cabinetry to the right of the screen and initially we had hoped to use the existing HDMI cabling in situ.



During the installation for the television, we found that the HDMI cables that ran from the BT Vision set top box to the television location had become badly damaged and were unusable. Additionally, we weren’t able to run new HDMI cables between these two points due to there being brick work blocking our planned route behind the cabinetry.

Removing the cabinetry was not an option so we had to use the single data network cable in place to distribute the content from the BT Vision box to the television using the HDAnywhere 4K HDMI extender. We also had to enable wireless streaming for the television and playbar but this wasn’t an issue due to the router being located less than 2 metres away.


This installation was completed quickly and the family were able to enjoy watching 4K content on their Sony OLED television as well as listening to music throughout the open plan living area with the Sonos amplifier and Playbar.

Client Testimonial

Richard and his team we fantastic in upgrading our television system after we moved into our new home. They were able to advise us on which OLED Smart TV to go for and then installed it in good time. They also installed a Sonos amplifier so we now have music in our kitchen as well. Thoroughly recommended.