The owners of a five-bedroom, 1930’s built home decided to renovate the entire property by extending out on the ground floor and up into the loft. All rooms were refurbished, and a local interior designer (Fiona Brass Interiors) led the project. The client wanted to have all their technology hidden away as much as possible as well as receive excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout. They also requested that we install their existing smart home devices onto the new home network.

Client Requirements

  • Audio System

    in the new open plan kitchen/dining/living area. As this was the main entertaining space of the property, it was important that music could be played without having any speakers on the kitchen worktops. We opted for a Sonos Connect Amplifier which would allow us to install speakers into the ceiling space. The client had enjoyed using a Sonos system in the past so we added the client’s existing desktop speakers into the new system so that if the client chose to, they could play the same music in multiple different rooms at the same time. Upon final installation, the client was able to stream music directly from their smartphones to the open plan living area.

  • Smart Lighting

    was requested in the kitchen/dining area as well as the snug. The client had already decided to go down the route of having GU10 downlights for this space, so we suggested that the Philips Hue Ambiance lamps would give them all the benefits they would need. These lamps allowed for multiple different hues of white which could energise in the morning or relax in the evening. The light could be changed either through an app on their smartphone, or through using voice control such as Alexa.

  • A Home Network

    was installed which ensured flawless internet experiences across the property. We achieved this through a combination of wiring Televisions where required and installing ceiling-mounted WAPs (Wireless Access Points) across the property. Ubiquiti networking equipment was used to ensure this met our required performance standards, and it also allowed us to monitor the network for firmware updates in the future remotely.



Since the property was undergoing a full renovation, we were able to explore different solutions with the client from the outset and as the build developed. This meant that there were no surprises that prevented us from achieving our proposals from the initial consultations.

On this project, we specified two WAPs for the ground floor since there was a requirement for reliable network connectivity at opposite ends of the property. We were unable to position one WAP centrally, due to the steel joists that were positioned at one end of the property. If we had only installed one, then the steel joists would likely have repelled the wireless signal from the single WAP and resulted in an area of the home with weak Wi-Fi signal, even after construction had finished.


By speaking with us early, we designed a system that met all of the client’s requirements and fitted within the overall budget of the renovation. We understood how crucial reliable network connectivity was to the client as they had shown interest in Smart Home devices before the renovation work had started.

During the build, we were in close contact with the main contractor, interior designer and client to ensure all our cabling was kept intact ready for when we concluded our main installation.

Six months after the client had moved in, we were delighted to see a social media post from the client. The video showed themselves enjoying listening to music from their open plan living area while the sunset in the background, all using the technology that we had installed but which was out of sight.

Client Testimonial

Luxe Smart Homes supplied and installed a selection of smart technology, including lighting, speakers and televisions to a recent project i worked on. They were considered in their approach and offered me a well informed view as to what the options were for my client. Their friendly demeanour, attention to detail and ability to communicate clearly with my client would make me very happy to recommend them to any of my future clients and anybody considering introducing smart technology into their home.

Throughout this project we worked closely with Fiona Brass Interiors and would recommend them for any residential interior design in the future.