Home Audio Systems


Enjoying Home Audio Systems

Whilst televisions and Home Cinema can take you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, what about when you’re doing things in the home but want to be entertained whilst you’re doing it? This is when music becomes the soundtrack to our daily lives and is delivered by a home audio system. In this section, we look at various different Home Audio solutions available for different occasions and times of the day.


Multi-Room Home Audio Systems

Technological advancements over the last twelve years have meant it’s possible to stream music straight from your phone to wireless speakers located in the same room or to multiple wireless speakers throughout the property. A few taps on your phone are all that’s needed to make the music follow you through the home, as you get ready for the day. Having the scale to turn your whole home, or a significant part of the entertaining space, into one listening zone is perfect for when you are sharing a well-curated playlist at a family or social gathering.


Ceiling Speakers

As part of our home audio system installations, we are also regularly asked to install audio speakers into the ceiling of kitchens and entertaining rooms, so that music can be heard but it’s not instantly recognisable as to where the sound is coming from. All of our installations are focused to be unobtrusive and we seek to collaborate with Interior Designers, Lighting Designers and Architects, so that the audio speaker's installation feature symmetrically with everything else that will be on the ceiling. Having the audio speakers out of sight but still creating an enjoyable listening experience is also something that property developers and agents recommend to make your property stand out from the rest when it comes to marketing a property.


Listening Rooms

We are also seeing a trend emerge with customers asking us for rooms that only serve the purpose of listening back to music on high fidelity home audio systems that again allows the listener to be fully immersed in the music. Over the years, it has become apparent that consumers, on the whole, have sacrificed a degree in quality for convenience through listening to music via apps on their smartphones and through earphones and wireless headphones. Whilst this may be fine for when you’re on the train to work or in the gym, when it comes to wanting to sit back and relax, the ears should be free from containment and the music should fill the room. When the music itself is mastered in the recording studio, it is crafted so that it should be listened to in a comfortable open space.


Vinyl and Record Players

The renaissance in vinyl sales in the last couple of years has also demonstrated that music fans are falling back in love with the romance of listening to a piece of music whilst physically reading and consuming the album artwork it is delivered in. One of the drawbacks of listening to music in the digital age is that the only creative artwork you get to see from an artist is a “pack shot” on your phone. For more information about whom the collaborators or songwriters are, you have to go online for more information.

Once someone is playing a piece of vinyl on a record player, the sleeve becomes more than just a container for the music; it becomes an extension of the artists’ creative vision. A physical artefact that accompanies the music. It is this experience of consuming music in this way that is also beginning to drive some people to have a certain place in their home where they can listen to music only on their home audio system.


Music Lovers            

The staff at Luxe Smart Homes are music lovers at heart and are experienced in knowing the best composition of equipment for home audio systems to give our customers the best listening experiences.