Home Networking


Importance of a free-flowing Home Network

Some people might tell you that the internet connection at home is as important as the electricity and water supplies running into a modern property. This may be a slight exaggeration but we are definitely becoming increasingly more connected to the internet every day. Using our smartphones for checking emails, messages and social media is one example of the reliance upon on the Internet we are developing as are watching video on demand services such as Netflix or controlling smart home devices such as video cameras and lighting. All of these various activities or tasks have different requirements from the Internet and it is imperative that every home network makes necessary provisions in order to ensure that the network flows freely without disruption throughout the home.


Buffering & Bandwidth on your Home Network?

As we add more and more devices to a home network, especially a solely wireless home network, it is common for the internet data transfer to run slower on certain devices and even sometimes lose the connection, especially if multiple devices are trying to do similar things at the same time. For example, one person could be streaming a 4K UHD film on a 55” TV in one room whilst another person could be playing an online computer game via a console in another room as well as a third person browsing the internet on a notebook computer in another room.

Not all devices in our home require the same amount of data transfer from the home network to the Internet. The data consumed by the streaming film and online computer game will be significantly higher than the data consumption of the laptop computer or a smart thermostat. If the data transfer isn’t quick enough, then it is likely that the content will begin to “buffer” whilst it catches up. This can be excruciatingly painful if you are trying to immerse yourself in watching a film or playing a game online whereby a moment’s pause can be the difference between succeeding or failing.


Poor WiFi Coverage

A problem frequently raised to us from our customers is the issue of Wifi coverage in their homes. We firmly believe that every part of the home and even the garden should be able to receive excellent wireless signal but this is often not the case. Internet service providers commonly only supply a single wireless router when you sign up and offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In our experience, this approach has it’s limitations when dealing with a dwelling consisting of many floors and rooms spread either vertically or horizontally. It’s common in these scenarios that some rooms become “black spots” and no Internet connection at all is possible.


Mesh Networks

Sometimes there are occasions when ethernet cables cannot be utilised and a wireless solution is the only option left available in trying to achieving optimum performance for a home network. In this situation, we install enterprise-grade wireless networking equipment that creates a mesh network across the property. These solutions can be useful when a property is rented by a tenant who is unhappy with the home network infrastructure within the property but is unable to make any alterations to the property as per the terms of most tenancy agreements.


Internet Security

Over the past twelve months, internet security has come to the forefront of people’s minds due to various large organisations that have been hacked and their information being compromised. Home network security is very important to us and you can rest assured that we only install equipment that offers maximum security. The various threats that exist to people browsing on a home network are exposure to malware (infecting your computer with a virus,) spyware (installing software to monitor your keyboard strokes and internet browsing,) and more recently ransomware (encrypting your documents and requesting a ransom to be paid for their release.) We are here to offer the best technological solutions and good home network security practices to ensure these don’t happen to you.

Remote Access Support

We also recommend installing additional hardware to enable network monitoring so that an alert can be sent when a new device connects to your home network. If something connects that you are not aware of, then you have the option to block this device from having access to your home network. These are all tools and practices that most people aren’t yet aware of and we take pride in upgrading our customers’ home networks to be as robust and secure as possible.


Home Networking Solutions

The home network is the most fundamental part of any smart home since it is the foundation that everything else is built upon. Without a robust home network, all the viewing and listening experiences offered by home cinema and home audio systems can’t be consumed in comfort because of the danger of data buffering. Similarly, all the lighting, security and heating controls used in a modern smart home can’t connect to remote devices outside of the property if their basic connectivity to the home network can’t be maintained. Everything connected to the home network can be compromised if the network security doesn’t meet the highest standards available and allow hackers to access your Internet-connected devices. These are all the considerations that sometimes people overlook when designing, renovating or improving their home yet as we proceed further into the digital age, it will become even more omnipotent.