New and refurbished homes should, in our humble opinion, be smart homes. Why? Because home automation is no longer the future – it’s the here and now.

Thinking about technology during the design and build process grants the perfect opportunity to hide away any ugly bits and introduce cutting-edge design to every room. Why, for example, would you have perfect lines running through your kitchen/dining area, only for speakers and their cables to be on show? Or a television hung on the wall and a piece of furniture underneath to house all the set-top boxes?

For this reason, we work closely with architects and interior designers. Our technical know-how combined with their design expertise means the finished product amazes clients (and their friends) and transports them to the forefront of modern home design as well as having comprehensive control over all their media, lighting and security, all at the touch of a button or simply with a spoken word.

Let’s explore the benefits of integrating smart home technology during the early design phase:



Hiding home audio systems and retaining clean lines

When we speak with interior designers, our first focus is to hide away 90% of the technology that our clients want us to install. That way, the designer still has as close to a blank canvass as possible to create their theme. This means all cabling must be hidden in the walls and all the heavy equipment to located in a central location, usually out of the way of an area the client will use regularly. For the equipment that must be on show, it should be blended into the room with minimal intrusion.

Picture from Future Automation

Speakers are a popular piece of equipment to hide. They are usually hidden in the ceiling, built into bespoke joinery or even fitted into the walls and then plastered making them completely invisible. These three design details can only be done during the design stage since the cabling will have to be drawn back to the central location. We liaise with the designers to give the exact measurements of the speakers we are installing.

 Creative and clever home automation

Many clients want to hide away their television screens when not in use, which is entirely understandable since they are just a black screen hanging on the wall, or sitting on a piece of furniture, when not in use. Using mechanical lifts, mounts and sliding panels, we can now hide these screens away whilst they are not in use. A picture can be lowered, or two bespoke wooden panels can slide in opposite directions to hide/ reveal the screen.

The television’s functions can be integrated into the control system so that pressing the “Television” button will not only switch the screen on to your desired channel, but it will make the screen appear from it’s hiding place. We think this is very “James Bond” and one of the things clients are now expecting from a Smart Home.



Blinds, Shading & Hidden Security Cameras.

 The use of natural light is often a prerequisite of an interior design since designers are always looking to make spaces feel open and uncluttered. Integrating blinds, curtains or shading into an area can be tricky. The client must pull the curtains closed or lower a blind, which can become annoying. We can now automate this process so that when it’s daylight the blinds automatically open which brings all that natural light into the carefully designed space.


Security cameras don’t have to be big bulky CCTV cameras that you would expect to see on the exterior property. Inside the property, we’d rather not see them at all. We can install cameras that are no bigger than the diameter of a biro pen into various rooms in the property, and no one would ever know they were there. This can only be done when the walls are open, so it’s therefore imperative that we are involved in the design process at its earliest stages.



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