SONOS release new Alexa enabled ‘One’ speaker


Sonos announced last week that they will be releasing a brand new wireless speaker with Amazon Alexa voice control already built in. For those who might be unfamiliar with Sonos, they are a home audio speaker company who specialize in wireless technology and have been enabling seamless multi room audio for over ten years. By connecting one of their speakers to your home wireless network, you are able to stream music, directly from your phone or computer, to a speaker in any room in the house. You can also set up different rooms as ‘zones’ and listen to different music in each room or group all the rooms together to hear the same music across every room in your house.

         The announcement last week unveiled the brand new Sonos ‘One’ speaker, which is an upgraded version of hugely popular ‘Play: 1’ speaker only with Amazon Alexa voice already integrated. You will be able to ask Alexa to do all the usual things you would on the ‘Echo’ only the superior components of the ‘One’ speaker allow for an overall higher audio quality listening experience, as you would expect from Sonos given their previous product offerings.

         Sonos have also announced that they will be releasing an update to their current software in the next couple of months enabling the user to pair current Sonos equipment with existing Alexa devices for those who already have these devices in their homes. They also announced that there will be integration with Google Home products in early 2018.

         One further note in this announcement was that Sonos will be opening up their platform to third party developers and will allow users to connect their devices via ‘Airplay,’ meaning you will be able to play music directly in apps like Apple Music onto your Sonos system without having to access the Sonos app itself.


         We have been installing Sonos speakers for some time now and believe they give excellent audio performance with the convenience of being able to control your entire music collection from your device. Now that Sonos are upgrading their speakers with voice recognition and ‘Airplay’ compatibility, it enables the easiest access to your entire music collection via a few spoken words. We think this is another huge forward leap into the future in home technology and one that the whole family can enjoy.

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