One controller to control them all.

Logitech Harmony Elite Hub and Remote one controller.jpeg

Have you ever felt the frustration of having a clutter of remote control devices on your coffee table and remembering which one needs to be pressed and in which order, so that you can watch your favourite TV show or box set? I know I have. The old days of just pressing “power on” and button 1 on one remote control to watch BBC1 have gone.

         Nowadays you might have to switch on the TV, sound bar and Sky Q just in order to view a picture and even then you will be faced with a menu rather than instantly watching one specific channel. So by this stage you could be sitting there with at least two remotes in hand, one to change the channel and one to change the volume. Then comes the addition of an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV device with their own remote controls and not forgetting a Blu-ray player with it’s own remote control if you have anything on disc that you want to watch. Now try explaining this to your partner or guest who is unfamiliar to your set up about how to watch something whilst you are away. It can be stressful.

         Thankfully, there are more and more products hitting the market that pull all of this together, so that you can get back to one controller to control them all. The device we use will separate all the different devices and which HDMI input they come from allowing you to jump from one to the next using a touch screen on the all-in-one remote controller. By pressing power on, the remote controller will run a sequence to switch everything on in an order that takes you straight to the desired menu. A process simplified.

         Here at Luxe Smart Homes we can install one of these remotes within the hour of arriving at your property, including some training time to familiarise yourself with the new control. Better still the remote we use can also control other aspects of your smart home as well such as the thermostat and the lights. So now you don’t have to leave your seat to change the light setting or boost the heating for an extra hour. Just sit back and relax. For more information then do please drop us an email.