Nest announce new security system

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 16.48.00.png

Nest, a Google owned company, announced on Thursday 21st September that they are shortly to release a new suite of security products to integrate into their smart home product offering.

            Amongst the products they will be launching is the Nest Secure alarm system. This will include an all-in-one security base that provides the alarm, motion sensors, keypads and tags/fobs. Whilst there are already many products in the traditional home security market that offer similar solutions, it is in our experience that they only work in isolation and can’t be integrated into a smart home as seamlessly as previous Nest products have.

            The second product launching is the Nest Hello Doorbell, which uses the same functionality as the Nest cameras combined with the utility of a doorbell. This product will notify you on your smartphone when somebody approaches your front door and will allow you to communicate with them before and after they have pressed the doorbell button. Should you not want to answer the door, you will still have full visibility of them whereas they won’t have any visibility of you.

            Nest have also announced that they have upgraded their outdoor security camera to follow suit of their Indoor IQ camera. This will identify faces that approach the property and send you a notification to your smartphone. Through learning and recognising familiar faces it will be able to show you when your deliveries have arrived or if someone is on your property that shouldn’t be. All of these products integrate together and deliver a comprehensive security solution that allows you to monitor your home whilst you are away.

            These products are due to be released in the UK towards the end of the year or early 2018 and as a Nest Pro installer, Luxe Smart Homes will be ready to install the product suite into your property.