Create perfect Mood Lighting with Philips Hue

Apartment room Mood Lighting ambiance white and purple Philips Hue

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add Mood Lighting into your home today is through the installation of Philips Hue lighting. All that is required are the light bulbs, a bridge and a smartphone app. Light. Connection. Control. Let’s take a closer look at how this superb range of lighting products can compliment your mood and give you unparalleled control over your home lighting.

The Philips Hue range offers light bulbs, strip lights, side or floor lamps and statement pendant lamps, all of which offer exceptional flexibility when designing a lighting plan and bringing mood lighting into your home. Historically in residential homes, we have mainly installed one colour of light bulb, warm white. Regardless of the time of day or the occasion, a slightly yellowish light would shine from the ceiling. With the introduction of Philips Hue, you can now have cool white in the morning to help energize you for the day ahead and a softer more relaxing warm white in the evening to help you unwind.          


Furthermore, Philips Hue has introduced light bulbs that cover the entire gamut of the colour spectrum, allowing for the experimentation of different colour scenes within the home. For your next Halloween party have the colour of the room change to a hue of orange or red or green for a Christmas party. There are many third-party smartphone apps which will even change the colours of the lights to match music being played, something that would, more than likely, go down well at a children’s birthday party.


A third feature of using Philips Hue is the security it can add to your home and the security online of the product itself. By being able to control the lighting in your home from your smartphone, from any location, you are able to give the impression to the outside world that you are home even if you are not. Through scheduling, you can have the light automatically turn on at sunset and off at sunrise for when the winter month’s darkness surpasses breakfast.

You can even check your smartphone on the way to work if everything was switched off before you left. This level of control is a welcome departure from only being able to control the lighting from the dimmer switch in the room where the lights are on or through plug adapters that only turn on and off at the same specified time over a 24-hour sequence. Accompanied by a smart home security system, Philips Hue lighting can give you much peace of mind when you are away that your property doesn’t appear unoccupied and become a potential target for criminals.

Woman holding smartphone controlling Philips Hue Lighting through app ambience white 2.jpg

Philips as a company has also heavily invested in the online security aspect of the control the lights offer over the Internet. There have not been any security breaches in their products for over 5 years now and this is mainly due to the department of computer engineers that Philips employs to keep their customers safe online. The same can’t be said from some of the manufacturers that are available at low-cost electrical wholesalers hence why Philips Hue is our preferred brand of choice for consumer-focused lighting control systems.

Amazon Echo Dot White Alexa

Philips Hue lighting can be controlled in a multiple of ways. As mentioned before, you can use the smartphone app provided by Philips as well as integrating the hub with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home voice assistant services. Our customers actually tell us that it’s a lot of fun asking for the lights to come on or off and whilst this is only a small task for the automation to process, it definitely feels like we’ve arrived in the future that the Back to the Future films promised. 

One last feature that we love is the enabling of location services from your smartphone to trigger the lights coming on as you approach the home. One less thing to have to worry about when it’s raining outside and the children are rushing in from the cold to the warmth of the home.


Philips has been making electrical products now for over 125 years and is probably the biggest name brand in consumer-focused smart mood lighting. We feel comfortable in recommending and installing Philips Hue lighting because we trust the quality of the components of the light fittings as well as the network security that works in the background. The application is very intuitive to use and offers a great template of mood lighting scenes to start with, as well as allowing the user to delve into more colours than they could ever want.  For more information or to book your free consultation, click on the button below.