Expert Installers of Home Audio Visual System

We are expert installers of audio visual systems in the home and can give you expert advice on the best solution for you.

Multi-Room Home Audio Systems

Multi-room audio has become one of the most ubiquitous home technologies to be adopted over the last fifteen years. Before then, there would be a complex matrix of wires and equipment all over the home to distribute audio. Nowadays, with brands such as Sonos and technology such as Bluetooth and Apple Airplay, it is effortless to listen to music around your home. The benefit of speaking with us regarding your multi-room audio system is we can hide all the equipment away and ensure the services run at their optimum performance levels.

Our multi-room audio designs will enable you to use your smartphone as the controller device when deciding what to listen to and in which room. A few taps on your phone and the music can follow you around home as you get ready for the day. Scaling your whole home into a single audio zone is also perfect for when you are sharing a well-curated playlist at a family or social gathering.

Ceiling Speakers

All of our installations are focused on being as visually unobtrusive as possible. So when we begin any home audio system design, we look to have as many of the speakers situated in the ceilings or walls. The rationale behind this is we don’t want to clutter your worktops or shelving units with wireless speakers. During a renovation, we can run the necessary cables back to the centralised point and house all the equipment there too.

On larger projects, we seek to collaborate with Interior Designers, Lighting Designers and Architects so that the audio speakers are symmetrically installed with everything else on the ceiling. Having the audio speakers out of sight but still creating an enjoyable listening experience is also something that property developers and agents recommend to make your property stand out from the rest when it comes to marketing a property.

Listening Rooms

We are seeing a trend emerge with clients asking us for rooms that only serve the purpose of listening back to music on high fidelity home audio systems. Over the years, it has become apparent that generally, consumers have sacrificed a degree in quality for convenience by listening to music via apps on their smartphones and through earphones and wireless headphones.

While this may be fine for when you’re on the train to work or in the gym, when it comes to wanting to sit back and relax, the ears should be free from containment, and the music should fill the room. When the music itself was mastered in the recording studio, it was crafted so that it should be listened to in a comfortable open space.

Through streaming services such as Tidal or Qobuz, we are now able to enjoy “Master Quality Audio.” Music streamed in this audio format is as close to the audio the mastering engineers would have created in the recording studio. Not all streaming platforms can distribute this level of quality at present. We can advise you upon which system works best with this format.

Wall Mounted Televisions and Video Distribution

We regularly work with Interior Designers and recognise how important it is to declutter every part of your home. In our eyes, Technology should be the same. Gone are the days of having cabinets with various audio visual set up boxes and amplifiers on display. Ever since television manufacturers were able to design TV panels that were ultra slim in their depth, we as home technology professionals have been hanging televisions on the wall and housing the equipment in a different room. Interior designers rejoice!

A progression of wall mounting the television is to hide the TV panel within bespoke cabinetry. In this instance, a mechanical lift displays the TV panel when required. This means when nobody is watching television in the room, the room isn’t dominated by a black glass device on the wall.

We regularly install set up boxes such as Sky Q, Apple TV or Virgin Media in our data racks and distribute them to the necessary room it will be viewed in. This is achieved by either a video balun or a video matrix. As we have moved towards online streaming, using online platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, there has been less of a need for distribution of video. However, if you wanted to have Sky Q, an international satellite service and Apple TVs in your home, a video matrix is still the preferred method of distribution.

All in One Remote Controllers

When we visit our clients for the first time, it’s not uncommon for us to see a collection of remote controllers on the coffee table of a living room. Each device that you’d expect in a living room television environment comes with its’ own remote control. So if you like to watch Sky Q, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and you’re watching it on your Sony TV with an audio system attached, you will have five remote controllers to deal with.

We know how challenging this can be in navigating the various sources and volume control when switching, for example, from Sky Q to Amazon Prime. Whenever we see a collection of remote controllers like this, we suggest consolidating all of these into one easy to use remote control. We program all the switching and sources in the background and give you customised buttons on the remote to jump quickly between whatever you want to watch.

Home Audio Visual System Installations

The staff at Luxe Smart Homes are music lovers at heart and are experienced in knowing the best composition of equipment for a home audio system and which streaming services work best with various equipment. We also understand that decluttering living rooms of cables, set-top boxes and remote controllers is vital in creating a harmonious, relaxing environment when you are watching television. Even when everything is switched off, a beautifully designed room looks best with minimal technology on show.

We continuously strive to give our clients the best advice and professional service when upgrading the audio visual equipment in their home. If you’re considering upgrading your property and would like to integrate music and video into the fabric of the walls, then please get in touch.