We provide reliable Home Broadband for our clients, so they enjoy flawless Internet experiences across their homes’.

Reliable Home Networks

We believe there are only two factors in guaranteeing an exceptional online experience at their home. One is the Home Network, providing coverage across the property and hardwiring devices that have high bandwidth consumption.

The second is the speed of the internet that comes into the property. If you have an excellent Home Network but a download speed of 15Mbps (Megabits per second) or less, from our experiences, then it’s likely you are going to struggle to do anything else if you are watching your favourite show on Netflix on a large television. In the modern family home, it’s likely that in the evening, there will be multiple devices streaming television or music, online gaming and web browsing.

To be able to enjoy flawless internet experiences across the home; it is imperative that both of these requirements are addressed and resolved, together. At Luxe Smart Homes, we won’t install an enterprise-grade home network if the property can receive a fast enough speed.

Consistent Broadband Speeds

It is widespread for most broadband providers to boast about an “X” top speed and the benefits this will bring to your home. In reality, most of us know that it is rare we ever reach that advertised speed. Instead, we experience good speeds during the day and slower speeds in the evening. This is due to the increase in demand on the internet when children come home from school and people come back from work.

In the UK, most broadband is provided using an infrastructure owned by BT Openreach. They lease parts of this infrastructure to companies such as Sky, Plusnet, Talk Talk, EE and even BT themselves. Openreach lease space inside the “green cabinets” you might see at the end of your road to the other providers. For financial reasons, these providers want to maximise the space they have paid for and will keep adding as many new customers as they can to their service. The more people using the service at the same time, the slower the service is going to be for everyone.

At Luxe Smart Homes, our provider of broadband limits the number of clients it will accept, which is how they can offer consistent broadband speeds. By having fewer people all using the same connection, there isn’t a strain on resources as experienced by the other providers. From a marketing perspective, rather than advertising a top speed that is rarely reached, they advertise an average speed that they regularly exceed.


Reliable Broadband

As you would expect from our Home Network installations, our broadband provision is equally as reliable and robust during busy times. While we monitor your home network remotely, our broadband provider monitors the service going into your property.

They also have the highest ‘uptime’ rate of any provider in the UK, which is the level of service we expect for our clients. If in the rare occurrence there was a service outage, we are notified within the hour and would inform you if there was a major problem. This approach differs from other service providers who don’t even disclose that there are issues with their broadband, leaving many customers in the dark, frustrated and helpless.

No Offshore Service Centres

We pride ourselves on the level of service we deliver for our clients. We regularly maintain the systems we install, our home networks are no exception. If you have a problem, you can speak with us, based in Surrey, and we can either try and remotely resolve your issue or come to your home if required.

The major broadband providers offer a different type of service. Firstly, an automated telephone service usually with lengthy wait times. If there is a significant outage, then there might be thousands of angry customers all trying to speak to somebody at the same time.

In some instances, you won’t speak with someone based in the UK and they are reliant on a script to handle your call. Furthermore, an engineer might not even be sent to fix your issue until a couple of days later. These are all pain points that many of us are likely to be familiar with. At Luxe Smart Homes, we don’t operate at the scale as the larger providers, which means we can give you a personalised service.

Home Broadband: Flawless Internet Experiences Across Your Home

At Luxe Smart Homes, we identified that while we are experts in installing reliable, secure and fast Home Networks, we still needed control of the broadband provision for our clients as well. We are now able to offer Broadband to all our clients who choose us to install their Home Network. The combination of our Home Network and Broadband Provision, means we are confident our clients will enjoy the flawless internet experiences we promise them. If you are interested in Home Broadband through Luxe Smart Homes, then please get in touch.