We Can Help Protect Your Property with Internet Enabled Video Cameras and Alarm Systems.

Home Security Matters

Our clients tell us, above all else, that securing their properties is the most important requirement when discussing home improvements or renovations. It’s usually one of the last items discussed in our initial consultations, but somehow always seems to jump to the top of the ‘must-have’ list. This is because the thought of having someone invade your secure space and remove your items, some which may have been cherished for years, is still a very traumatic ordeal for anyone to encounter. Installing a robust and secure Smart Home Security system is the best way to deter any would-be burglar.

Secure Your Property

Most residential focused criminals are opportunists and are looking at properties with the least security and highest potential rewards as their targets. If you imagine a row of ten houses, three have no security measures at all, three have alarm systems which are visible from outside the property, two have alarm systems and light PIR sensors and a further two have the same as well as visible security cameras, which houses are likely to be targeted first? The more security you have in place, the harder it will be for any criminal to burgle your property. Home insurers may even discount your insurance policies with the knowledge that you have a home security system installed. Sadly, it has now become imperative that every home should have some form of a security system.

View CCTV Cameras Anywhere

Closed-circuit television cameras have been widely available and have been deployed in residential homes for some time now. Still, until recently they weren’t able to offer much in terms of control for the homeowner except for monitoring on a standalone screen somewhere in the property. The modern smart home security cameras and systems that we install allow for monitoring on smartphones regardless of location. This can be especially useful for when you go on holiday or will be away from home for a prolonged period of time. Furthermore, through an app on your smartphone, you can check if the alarm is armed and arm it if necessary, even once you have left the property.

High Resolution Security Cameras

Over the last couple of years, new technological solutions have enabled smart home security cameras to offer video footage in high definition and we are now seeing the rolling out of 4K Ultra High Definition cameras. This has enabled even greater clarity in identifying the perpetrators who break into homes compared to the cameras of old where the footage was usually of low grade quality, often pixelated or poorly lit. The improved quality of the video footage captured by home security cameras is now far more effective for the police and only strengthens their case when prosecuting the offenders.


Facial Recognition

In the last year we have also seen the introduction of facial recognition technology being available to the consumer market. This offers the homeowner even greater control over the surveillance of their property since it is now possible to receive notifications to your phone when anyone approaches your property and with the introduction of facial recognition the camera learns who are regular faces and who is not. You won’t be notified when your family members return home from work or school nor will you be notified when the postman or when support staff such as domestic cleaners or dog walkers enter your home.


Video Doorbells/Doorstations

We have also seen the adoption of video camera doorbells as an addition to smart home security measures. These work in the same way as a video camera but have the added feature of having a built-in microphone to allow for two-way dialogue when someone is close to the doorbell. This allows brief discussion with whoever is at the front door, irrespective if they have pressed the doorbell or not.

We can also install Doorstations which can integrate into your Smart Home Automation platform, such as Control4, as well as your security gate system or door latch. These devices give you the benefits of the video doorbell, as mentioned above, but with the additional functionality of being able to let somebody enter your property if appropriate. This can be especially helpful when you have a delivery and want to rearrange a second attempt delivery or visit the local post office.


Smart Home Alarm Systems

Similarly to video cameras, alarm systems have been protecting residential homes over the last thirty years. However, it’s not until recently that the major alarm service companies have allowed control over the internet of their systems. Now you can receive alerts if when the alarm has been activated and deactivated or set off by an intruder. Furthermore, through an app on your smartphone, you can check if the alarm is armed and arm it if necessary, even once you have left the property.

The alarm systems we offer can be wireless when running new cables isn’t an option as well as fully wired systems when a home to undergoing a significant renovation. We also have partnered with a local Gold accredited NSI member to provide our clients with the top level of service maintenance available in the UK.


Smart Home Security

Smart home security is something that we take very seriously at Luxe Smart Homes and we ensure that every project we work on has some element of security installed since we know how much our customers value this. Due to many of the newer smart home security cameras being wifi enabled and at a price point achievable to all, there is no reason why every home shouldn’t have some form of a home security system and protect your valuables and possessions in your home.