Smart Heating Control

Smart Heating Control Nest Thermostat Grey wall Modern apartment living room

Over the last five years Smart Heating Control has advanced exponentially in a drive for energy efficiency within the residential home. The burning of fossil fuels globally and the impact that it has had on our environment is still being addressed by our governments but in the meantime heating manufacturers have begun to use smart technology to assist us in making better decisions about our own personal energy consumption.

Traditionally, heating controls had to be pre programmed to turn on and off at certain times of the day, regardless if anyone was home or not, in order for the boiler to heat up the property. Whilst the newer smart thermostats can still be programmed, it is their intelligent thinking and sleek design that separates them from their predecessors. Many of our customers tell us that their smart thermostats are usually the first piece of technology that makes their homes feel more futuristic due to it’s design and aesthetic.

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The smart thermostat that we recommend learns from your behavior and locations as to when to heat your home up, ensuring that the heating schedule adapts to your lifestyle. Each time you adjust your smart thermostat, the algorithm behind the technology takes note and helps build an overall pattern of your energy consumption. The smart thermostat also uses motion sensors to determine when you leave the property each day and identify any patterns and integrates this into your automated schedule. It will then only heat the property when you are home or are approaching home, through the location services on your smart phone. 

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The smart phone app that accompanies the thermostat also allows you to have complete control of your heating system from any location. If whilst you are travelling home from work you feel that it’s a bit colder than the weather report had previously suggested, then you can adjust the smart thermostat remotely so that when you arrive the temperature is just right. Another example of when this might become useful is if you have been on a winter holiday and switched all the heating off whilst you are away. Using the smart phone app you can switch everything on before you arrive home, saving you the discomfort of returning to a freezing cold home and having to wait for an hour for everything to heat up. 

Smart Heating Control Nest Thermostat smart phone app hot water boost

A third scenario that seems to be a common problem is when you quickly need to boost the hot water when you are at home and are busy doing other things like cooking dinner for the family. Rather than having to leave the kitchen to go to the hot water boost button’s location, you can simply activate a hot water boost with your voice using a voice recognition device or again through an app on your smart phone.

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The learning algorithm behind the smart thermostat studies your manual adjustments on a daily basis and enables you to see your daily usage through the smart phone app. This gives you the added insight to make better decisions regarding heating your home and save money from inefficient energy consumption. Since this technology is becoming progressively more widespread and adopted by increasingly more homes, the statistics behind the technology are becoming more accurate, which in turn allows for greater efficiencies in managing your energy consumption.

Smart heating control in the next few years will become standard in residential home heating because of it’s sleek design, ease of use and energy and cost savings. We can install our recommended smart thermostat within a couple of hours and are also able to integrate it into your wider smart home systems for additional ease of control.