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Home Cinema Solutions

At Luxe Smart Homes, we know that every once in a while, everyone likes to sit back and relax on their sofas and allow themselves to be fully immersed in a movie or TV series and leave all the daily disruptions and stresses behind, for a few hours at least. There’s something enchanting about having the lights down low and being comfortable on the couch that allows this temporary disconnection from the outside world, that if nothing else enables your own batteries to recharge. In this section, we explore the options of creating and installing a Home Cinema experience in your home.


4K Ultra High Definition

Over the last ten years, the trend has been for people to buy larger TVs and home cinema soundbars to bring what’s on the screen to life and allow the temporary suspension of the stresses of the outside world. In fact, we’re just at the beginning of a new era of Ultra High Definition content being broadcast or streamed from major entertainment platforms that will showcase the capabilities of these large television panels at their very best. Sky Q already offers Premier League Football, Formula 1 Racing and Test Cricket whereas the BBC recently broadcast Blue Planet II, in Ultra High Definition.


Wall Mounted Televisions & Soundbars

Moreover, people have decided to mount their televisions on to the wall in their designated room of escapism, so that no unsightly cabling or wiring can be seen whilst watching the screen. This trend, or even innovation, has evolved from home technology professionals working alongside the interior design community and delivering home cinema installations that are functional, comfortable and most of all engaging. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver these kinds of rooms to our customers.


Bespoke Home Cinema

The next natural progression in scaling up this experience is to build an actual home cinema room. For us, these types of room really allow us to push the boundary as to what is possible when trying to create that immersive getaway moment. Replacing the television screen with an overhead projector, instantly gives the visual experience a wider and more cinematic appearance, whilst significantly adding more speakers to the front, middle, rear and ceiling of the room, allows us to deliver a full Dolby Atmos experience where the sound spatially moves as you watch the screen. These two components are highly customisable to match your expectations and budget but there is a third component that is sometimes overlooked. Darkness. 


A key challenge for any home cinema room installation is to achieve complete darkness so the room is pitch black. Light diffusion from the outside world or even the lowest of level lighting within the room, can keep your senses grounded in the real world instead of allowing your mind to wander into the story being told on screen. Our approach is to build a home cinema room where there are fewest windows. Where necessary, we install blackout blinds and curtains to block out any light from the outside world. Only once you achieve this level of darkness, does the mind allow the senses to be heightened, so that the film can fully immerse the viewer.



One last consideration when designing and installing a home cinema is the comfort of the viewers. Through our design, we will be able to determine the correct amount of seating to be provided in the room and allow everyone enough space to feel comfortable and relaxed yet feel the full force of the surround sound system and cinema screen. We can also either work with your interior designer to determine how the room should look or offer ideas based on our previous installations or through research.


Home Cinema Solutions

Whether you love to watch films or the slower burn of a box set television series is your preference, the location you watch these in has become ever increasingly important. It is possible to watch these on mobile devices but what you gain for being able to watch on the go, you lose in terms of overall immersive experience that prevents that temporary suspension of time. When we are asked by our customers to provide home cinema solutions for their homes, we always focus on delivering an installation that allows the mind to switch off from the outside world, even if it is only for a couple of hours.