Ongoing maintenance ensures your technology runs smoothly, enjoy your home with no tech frustrations!

Technology Breaks

Unfortunately, technology breaks every once in a while. You might be surprised by this admission, it is a truth that we are aware of more than most. There are many reasons why technology can sometimes be glitchy, slow and unresponsive. This leads to frustration and people usually plod along with a system that isn’t working as it should. Our goal at Luxe Smart Homes is to prevent technology from breaking but be there to support you if it does.

If we can use the analogy of a pristinely designed garden that has just been presented to its’ new owners. In the beginning, everything looks wonderful and it is a joy to behold. If, however, the garden is left unmaintained, it is not long before it seems tired, overgrown, riddled with weeds and doesn’t serve the purpose it did in the past.

The same can be said for a Smart Home installation. At the very beginning, everything works fine, and you can enjoy all the benefits of a smart home. A year later, if the equipment has not been updated, then there are likely enhancements or security updates from the manufacturers that remain uninstalled. These could have an impact on both performance and your internet security.

So, whilst you would have someone to take care of your garden regularly, it makes sense to have your Smart Home checked over at least a couple of times each year.

Software Updates

Providers of most technology are always keen to release a software update with enhanced features. This is usually derived from customer feedback or changes in technology that weren’t available when the device was originally manufactured. However, it is not uncommon for some software updates to break a previously working system, and this is usually when large technology companies release a “patch” update quickly after.

If your device isn’t updated in a timely manner, it might soon be a couple of software updates behind where it needs to be for the equipment to operate at peak performance. This is when you will start to see performance issues. We encourage all of our clients to allow us to service their systems even when there is no fault. By visiting proactively, we can ensure that your technology is always running on the latest software version.

Firmware Updates

While software updates are focused more on new features or upgraded service, firmware updates are addressing internet security for your system and devices. Hackers are continually finding new ways to breach the security of your internet-connected devices, and their goal is to obtain your data, either to sell on to others or to leverage for financial gain. Reputable providers of technology will have teams dedicated to patching up any holes or back doors that might allow a hacker into your system. It is crucial, therefore, that these firmware updates are carried out as quickly as possible.
At Luxe Smart Homes, all of our Home Networks have remote management tools that allow us to deploy the firmware updates as they are released. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that you can continue to browse online without the fear that somebody has hacked into your home network and can see the content on the internet-connected devices.

Service Packages

Each system we install for our clients is a bespoke match to their requirements and our service packages are tailored similarly. We offer four types of packages that offer varying response times for issues you may experience. Each package also includes an increasing number of proactive visits to your site each year, which also mitigates the likelihood of a problem occurring in the first instance. The cost of each package will be based upon the amount of equipment and what kind of equipment we have installed as part of your installation. For more information on these, please get in touch.

Site Recovery

We can take over your existing Smart Home Automation system if you are no longer satisfied with the service you are receiving from your existing supplier or if that company no longer exists. Similarly, if you have recently purchased a property and you are unfamiliar with the equipment stored away in one of the rooms, we are here to help.

Luxe Smart Homes are expert Smart Home installers and have a wealth of knowledge when dealing with Control4 projects or Lutron lighting systems. In some instances, all that is required might be a simple software and firmware update to return your system to function at optimum levels.

Smart Home Maintenance Service Providers

At Luxe Smart Homes, we take meticulous care and attention to build you a Smart Home Automation platform that will simplify your life at home. We develop long-lasting relationships with our clients as well by offering ongoing service maintenance for all their Home Technology. We can also help you if your system is not performing at the levels you were promised by someone else.